Here is the final schedule for project presentations. Please check.

The deadline for submitting project report is updated, it is May 2, in class.

3/24/2016 Sign up for a project presentation slot here

1/24/2016 Homework 1 has been uploaded on Assignments page. It is meant for assessing mathematical background required for the course. It will be graded pass/fail. Due by Wednesday, Feb 10 in beginning of class of by email to

1/21/2016: Instructor (Shipra Agrawal's) will not hold office hours on Jan 28, Thursday. Instead, there will be extra office hours on Friday (Jan 29) 3-4 pm Mudd 423.

1/20/2016 Guidance on choosing project topic and writing project reports has been posted on the Project Proposals page

1/20/2016 Slides for the Introductory lecture have been posted on Lecture notes page

1/20/2016 Sign-up for scribing lecture notes here:
By writing your name in front of a date on the sign-up sheet, you are volunteering to scribing notes for the lecture on that day. By scribing lecture notes, I mean taking notes in class and typing them in latex. Use this latex template .
You need to scribe at least one lecture to earn 10% of your class grade. You are welcome to signup for scribing more than one lecture. Auditing students are welcome to sign up for scribing as well. Multiple students may sign up for the same day, but if there are still slots remaining with no volunteers, it is preferable that you sign up for those.

1/20/2016 Sign-up for Piazza:

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